Tips on Working from Home… with Your Family at Home

In recent years the concept of working from home has skyrocketed in popularity. Many companies now offer purely remote positions as well as allowing on-site employees to perform their daily tasks from the comfort of their living room couch when distance is needed. For the young professional (or even the seasoned employee) who has a family also coexisting in their workspace, this can either be a dream come true or, quite honestly, a headache. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to put in hours of work but constantly getting disrupted or distracted. That’s why we created these awesome tips on working from home… while your family is at home too.


Balance Your Time

Planning out how to spend your day will help create structure for not only yourself, but also for your family. Do yourself a favor and create a rough-draft routine in NineBx to follow each day and automatically share it with your family. Try waking up at a certain time and completing task x within x hours. Schedule in playtime with the kids or when to take a lunch break. Without some sort of routine in place, you might find yourself falling behind at work or at home. Remember, the key to a successful routine is balancing your time and minimizing frustration. Frustration breeds stagnation and difficulty; balance always wins.


Get Organized

When we say get organized, we mean organizing your workspace, home, and family functions. NineBx makes organizing your documents, family life, and to-do lists a breeze! Other than NineBx, there are plenty of products out there to help organize those stacks of papers, binders or folders, and even those multi-colored pens laying around your house in strategic places. An organized home makes for a clear mind and a clear workspace.



Communicate, communicate and, oh yeah, communicate! Since you will not be face-to-face with your boss every day, making sure you are kept in the loop is critical to overall job performance. Try not to make assumptions about what is expected of you. Make sure you find out what the expectations are and you communicate how you are fulfilling them. Aside from your boss, the most important people to communicate with are your family. Use the secure message board in NineBx to communicate with your family and have authentic, open conversations about your wants, needs, and emotions. If you need extra time alone at the end of the day, talk about it. If you need a deadline extension at work, talk about it. Whatever it is, talk about it.


Be Realistic

Be realistic with your boss and team members about what you are capable of doing from home, especially if you have kids to take care of. NineBx can help keep you on track with your work goals by creating various lists and to-dos so you don’t fall behind or feel overwhelmed. Also, be realistic with yourself; you know your own abilities better than anyone else.


Working from home with your family at home can be stressful at times. Being able to stay on task and create a work/life balance does not come easily to some people, but with the help of NineBx anything is possible. From creating and sharing schedules with the family, to creating your work to-do list, NineBx has you covered. Download NineBx and start creating the work from home environment you always wanted. 

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