Spring Home Maintenance To-Dos

Every year around February and March, much of the country emerges from a blanket of snow or cold weather. During this time, people are excited for the summer and often looking forward to being outdoors again in the sunshine and heat! It’s also a time to start your spring home maintenance. The home has just been through winter, and there are usually things that you’ll need to do to make sure that everything is ready for the sun and rain that spring brings.

To get you started, here are five things you’ll want to do around your home when spring finally arrives!

Cleaning Gutters
When the last bout of below-freezing temperatures passes, it’s time to clean the gutters. Clogged gutters can happen during the winter because of leaves that fell during the fall or melting snow draining various debris from your roof into them. Having clogged gutters is problematic because the backed up water can rot the wood around your roof. The result? Animals and bugs can get into your attic space and wreak havoc!

Inspect Roof
This task is easy but such a vital one for spring home maintenance. Winter storms can cause significant problems for home roofs. It’s not uncommon to find shingles blown off, and melting snow can slip through cracks if the gutters can’t handle it all.

Therefore, when the springtime comes, go out and inspect your roof. Make sure that everything looks ok. You don’t need to climb up on it, but eyeball it for any significant damage and get it repaired ASAP if you see anything.

Inspect Your Driveways and Paths
Winter weather is harsh on almost everything outside. Asphalt, concrete, and interlocking stones can also have problems once the snow clears. The freezing and thawing cause the materials to contract and expand, causing damage in the long-term. When spring comes and the snow melts, inspect these paths to make sure that there’s no damage. If there is, schedule a repair visit appropriately!

Change Your Furnace Filters
With winter having just ended, now’s the time to change your furnace filters. When you use your furnace, the air circulates through the filter, and all the dust and debris in the air become trapped. When that happens, your furnace doesn’t get the same air intake level. As you might expect, the efficiency decreases.

Since it’s something you might only do a few times a year, many people forget to change the filters in the spring. If you have NineBx, you can set a reminder to change them every three months. That way, you’ll ensure your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency!

Verify That Your Air Conditioning Works
While you might not need your air conditioning in the spring, now’s the time to check that it works properly. Sometimes the snow and ice can damage the unit. If it doesn’t work, you can call for repairs much more cheaply and quickly than you can in the summer when everyone is turning on their units for the first time!


Spring is an exciting season for many reasons, but there are some spring home maintenance tasks that you’ll need to do. Luckily, for most homeowners, if you are regular, there shouldn’t be too much home maintenance every year!

NineBx can help homeowners remember to do these tasks every spring. Simply create a Spring Home Maintenance list and set reminders for all your maintenance to-dos. That way, you won’t forget and find yourself with a cracked roof or non-functional air conditioning!

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