Prepping for Thanksgiving with NineBx

I love cooking for my family, but more-often-than-not, I don’t have the time I want to devote to cooking a big meal. This is why I often go a ‘little’ overboard on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthday meals. However, in the usual 2020-style, our oven decided to die last week… and due to the pandemic, it will not be repaired until December.

After realizing that I will be without an oven this Thanksgiving, I enlisted my 14-year-old (who is an amazing chef and going to help cook 90% of the meal) to help me find recipes that we can make with the equipment we have – an InstantPot, a Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer/Grill, an InstantPot Omni Plus, and our trusty old Crockpot! Below you will find our menu with links to the recipes we are making, the grocery list, and our cooking schedule (which is spread out over 3 days).

The Menu (and Recipes)

I can honestly say that planning any big meal is stressful, but since I have had to ignore almost every recipe I usually make (again, lack of oven), searching for recipes became a bit of a chore!

However, creating a shared list allowed my family to help me find recipes that we could make (and that everyone actually likes), it made life easier. Here is the menu we came up with:


  • Persimmon Pudding  (family recipe)
  • Rum Sauce  (family recipe)
  • Sugar Cream Pie
  • Blondies (box mix)

The Schedule

One of the benefits of planning our menu in NineBx is that I can assign a family member to help make each menu item and the date/time we need to start cooking. I also have reminders set for 15 – 30 minutes before each menu item, so we are notified when we need to start prepping the dish.

Since we are trying to make Thanksgiving happen without a stove, scheduling the cooking of each dish is vital to making sure we get everything done. Luckily, my father is going to let me borrow his InstantPot and Crockpot to help with all the chaos of cooking!

The Grocery List

I’m so thankful that our whole family has access to any list I create in NineBx, especially the grocery list! The main reason for this is that it allows my teenagers to make a trip to the grocery store to go so much faster! They each go searching for items we need and check them off once they find them. While they may not love grocery shopping, I’ve told them that it is essentially the adult version of hide and seek!

Note: The screenshot has items marked off, as those were items I already had in my pantry.


Planning celebratory meals are stressful, even if all your kitchen appliances are working. NineBx has become a lifesaver for my family’s Thanksgiving planning, thanks to the shared lists, the capability to easily organize our recipes, and assign to-dos. I hope by sharing my firsthand experience on how I organized my family’s Thanksgiving, it helps others see how NineBx can help reduce the stress surrounding holiday meals.

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