70 List Ideas to Help You Organize Your Life

Whether you like to write your lists down on a piece of paper, create list using an app on your phone, or prefer to keep all your lists in your head… chances are that you have created a list of *something* at some point in your life. Children are taught even at a young age to create lists – homework, to-dos, etc. And even if you don’t love making lists, I think everyone can appreciate that lists serve a vital role in helping us all survive today’s busy world.

To help everyone get a jump start on organizing their life, I decided to create a few lists – of lists – that can help everyone organize their home (and life). Hope these help you stay organized!

Lists everyone should use

  1. Groceries
  2. Cleaning/Chores
  3. Daily (or Weekly) To-Dos
  4. Favorite Recipes
  5. Vacation Ideas
  6. Honey Do
  7. House Maintenance Schedule
  8. Emergency Supplies
  9. Goals
  10. Professional Accomplishments

Buying/selling a home and moving

  1. Favorite Homes
  2. Homes to View
  3. My Favorite Cities/Neighborhoods
  4. Home Showing Prep Checklist
  5. Things to Fix in My Home
  6. Mortgage Paperwork
  7. Utility Companies
  8. Items for the Movers to Take
  9. Packing List
  10. Moving Itinerary

Cleaning lists

  1. Spring/Fall/Winter Cleaning
  2. Daily Cleaning
  3. Weekend Cleaning
  4. Deep Cleaning
  5. Declutter Plan

Financial planning/budgeting

  1. Debt Snowball or Reduction Plan
  2. Monthly Expenses/Bills
  3. Paperwork to Organize and Save
  4. Credit Cards
  5. Bills to Pay

For couples

  1. Movies to Watch
  2. Date Night Ideas
  3. Wines/Beers to Try
  4. Restaurants to Try
  5. Her/His Favorite Meals

For kids and parents

  1. Chores
  2. Homework
  3. (Bad) Dad Jokes
  4. Christmas Wish List
  5. Family Bucket List
  6. Family Vacation Ideas
  7. Our Emergency Plan
  8. Activities for Bored Kids
  9. College Student/Dorm Supplies
  10. School Supplies Needed

For travelers

  1. Travel Bucket List
  2. Packing
  3. Restaurants to Try
  4. Vacation Itinerary
  5. Activities

Meal prep/planning

  1. Pantry Supplies/Inventory
  2. Holiday Meal Prep
  3. Meal Ideas
  4. Spices to Try
  5. Kitchen Supplies Needed


  1. Black Friday Shopping
  2. Favorite Products
  3. Renovation/Remodeling Items
  4. Coupons
  5. Subscriptions


  1. Moments of Happiness
  2. Gift Ideas
  3. Books to Read
  4. Favorite Wines and Beers
  5. Moving To-Dos
  6. Thank You Cards to Send
  7. Birthdays & Anniversaries
  8. Party Planning
  9. Things that Make Me Happy
  10. My Happiest Memories


If you love lists like I do, I highly recommend creating your lists in NineBx. The benefit of using NineBx compared to other list-making apps, is that you can add attachments (photos and files), assign tasks/items to a family member, collaborate with the whole family on a list, create recurring list items, share a list with your family, make a list private (so no one in your family can see it), add due dates to your tasks/items, and so much more! The best part is that NineBx is free for one person, and costs less than a couple of coffees to add your whole family and start collaborating!

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