Product News: Introducing Dark Mode for NineBx

We are excited to announce our latest update to NineBx for iOS is now available on the App Store. Along with ongoing improvements to the app, our latest update offers a whole new experience with a highly-requested feature from users everywhere – Dark Mode!

Using Dark Mode helps reduce eye strain, improves readability, and increases privacy when you use NineBx in low-light environments. Along with a more comfortable experience when using the app, you now don’t have to worry about lighting up the space when you’re in bed or in a movie theater, or when you are looking through your personal information in NineBx on an airplane at night. Besides those benefits, it just looks really cool!

To enable Dark Mode for NineBx on iOS, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of NineBx by visiting the App Store and updating the app manually (unless your app has already been updated automatically). After NineBx has been updated, go to your iPhone’s Settings, select Display & Brightness, and then select Dark appearance to turn on Dark Mode. NineBx will automatically switch to Dark Mode next time you launch the app and will continue to be in Dark Mode until you turn off this device setting.

While Dark Mode is available for NineBx only on iOS today, we don’t want our Android users to lose heart. Our development team is hard at work optimizing the Dark Mode experience for our Android users as well. We plan to release this feature to our Android users in the next 2 months.

Update your app now and switch to Dark Mode to experience NineBx in a whole new light!

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